Laminate and Wood flooring


There is a vast selection of real wood and laminate wood flooring products on the market with a wide range of cost and quality.  Oak flooring in AbergavennyThe most common real woods are oak and bamboo; these are also the most durable.  For laminate flooring the range is near endless in terms of finish, with a range of qualities.  Some products are designed specifically for areas prone to moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens; these often come in a tile effect finish.

For commercial applications there are harder wearing products denoted by their AC rating, these are also useful for domestic applications where high foot traffic would be expected such as entrance hallways.

Once the choice of material is made the first stage of any flooring project is to ensure a sound and even surface on which to lay the flooring.  To lay over a solid floor this might include the laying of new screed or self-levelling compound. Over a sprung of wooden floor first all floor boards need to be checked to ensure there is no movement and extra fixings installed if necessary to avoid and annoying squeaks once the new floor is layer.

Laminate flooring in Ebbw ValeNext the type of underlay required needs to be installed prior to laying the floor, considerations need to be made in terms of sound and heat insulation along with the need for any moisture barriers (membranes)

The floor of your choice is now laid on top of the correct underlay, allowing for expansion gaps appropriate to the material being laid.  Finishing is either completed with new skirting board or Scotia matched to your desired flooring finish.

Please take some time to view some of the wood and laminate flooring we have completed for our customers in the gallery below.