Full property refurbishment


Wales Builders offers a complete property refurbishment service, from the initial gutting and clearing to the fitting of the carpets.  This service has proved popular with buy-to-let investors who want a quick turnaround on a property and the ease of dealing with minimal numbers of contractors.

All the services listed on this site are obviously available for a renovation in tredgar gwentrefurbishment, however we can also arrange for roofing work, heating system installation and servicing and carpet fitting to be carried out by other specialist contractors we have worked with in the past.

You will find that using us for your renovation will be much less stressfull than using multiple contractors.  The work will must likely be carried out in a shorter amount of time and importantly at a reduced cost.  The end product will speak for itself in both design and quality of finish.

Our most recent renovation, an interesting commercial project can be seen in our recent projects section